One subscription- many SSL certificates

Tired of renewing your SSL certificates again and again? Tired of guarding procedures, terms of payment - different certificates in different time?

Maybe you are purchasing SSL certificates for a marketing campaign, which can be expensive and useless after the action.

For you, SSLGURU in cooperation with Entrust Datacard, has created a unique offer on the market, SSLBOX.

How SSLBox Works?

1 to 5 years

You order a subscription for 1 to 5 years for any pool of SSL certificates

Within the pool you can freely assign certificates to websites for any period of time


You order a subscription for 1 to 5 years for any pool of SSL certificates

SSLBox means


You do not need to worry about the renewal of certificates, their updates, annual fees on time.


This pays off, in fact you are buying fewer certificates.


All your certificates are always valid, we take care of it.

How it is profitable for us?

It's simple. We sign a contract for 1 to 5 years. During this time, small profits accumulate in an amount that is sufficient for us.

Yes, the sum is lower than it would be if the certificates were sold separately, but we can only focus on what we know best - ensuring safety.

SSLBOX is the best solution for:

Banks and financial institutions

Healthcare institutions

Public Administration

Advertising agencies

Deciding on an SSLBOX means saving measurable amount.

For example, selecting the Standard SSL on 3 years for 9 certificatesyou save $ 1,354.86, and for 49 certificates up to $ 5,697.71.

$ 1 354.86 SAVED!

$ 5 697.71 SAVED!

Another popular product which is Wildcard SSL even with a subscription for 1 certificate for three years gives a $ 170.54 savings, and at the 49 certificates you save up to $ 2,458.85.

$ 170.54 SAVED!

$ 2 458.85 SAVED!