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to sell SSL certificates?

Partnering with can help you expand your portfolio by giving your company access to more than 100 different SSL products. SSL not only for web and mobile sites but applications, email and code signing. We offer some of the lowest prices within the industry which will allow your company to easily expand and grow your SSL certificate business.

Partnership benefits include

  • the largest SSL certificate store with the best prices

  • fast and easy ordering choose the traditional way or use our API SSL to automate the process

  • guarantee of lowest prices the lowest price allows for the highest margin

  • permanent access to the deposited balance on your account

  • support of dedicated and helpful consultants

Reseller tools included

Parallels (PBAS) is the industry’s leading billing and automation solution for small and medium web-hosting businesses. It helps you maximize your revenues; lets you offer a full range of SSL certificates and enables you to build your reseller channels.

    PBAS plugin requirements:
  • PHP 5.2 or later,
  • PBA-S 4.3.3 or later (not tested),
  • Perl 5.8.8,
  • ionCube Loader (PHP extension),
  • date.timezone configuration set explicitly in /etc/php.ini file,
  • PHP modules/functions: Multibyte String (mb_*), JSON,
    cURL, scandir,
  • Perl libraries: PHP::Serialization, IPC::System::Simple.

WHMCS plugin allows you to choose, configure and sell a wide range of SSL certificates from the most recognized vendors.

    WHMCS plugin requirements:
  • PHP 5.2 or later,
  • MySQL w/ InnoDB engine,
  • PHP — cURL support,
  • PHP — json support.

Parallels Plesk plugin is a tool that allows adding SSL products to your offer and managing them easly. Fast platform and instant mobile access help to dynamically react to ever changing market.

    Plesk plugin requirements:
  • PHP 5.2 or later,
  • PHP — json support.
  • PHP — cURL support,
  • ionCube Loader.

Use our API system to automate both the SSL ordering process and the certificate client management process.

Do you sell or would you like to start selling SSL certificates? Our SSL API gives you unlimited access to the certificate ordering process! The API tool helps you with SSL orders, reduces the amount of time it takes to order a certificate and secures the entire process.

Connection with API is fully secure and encrypted with a SSL certificate. To access the SSL API server you have to specify the IP address of your server which will be used to connect the API. Thanks to the https:// protocol, the entire communications process is safe and secure.

Our API system allows you to streamline the purchasing process. You do not have to pay for this extremely helpful tool. The only thing required is integration of your system with the API system. SSL API access is free of charge.

    Using SSL API you get:
  • easy access to helpful technology,
  • full security of all processes,
  • effective technical support,
  • guarantee of reliability,
  • Free no fee tool.

Reseller Program rules

    1. Reseller program is only offered to companies and organizations.

    3. The partner status is determined by the account balance at 00:00 hour on the last day of each quarter (March, June, September, December) and is valid for the next quarter.

    4. Reseller prices are determined by the partner status in the quarter with the order is made in.

    5. A Reseller who joins the program will be assigned to the right status within 24 hours of their deposit.

    6. In the event of a withdrawal of funds allocated to the Reseller Account, if this withdrawal results in a balance lower than the necessary balance for the desired reseller level then the correct reseller level will based off the total amount deposited into the account minus any withdrawals.

    7. Account deposits will have a 3% surcharge if a credit or debit card is used. However, there is no additional charges if the partner deposits using a bank or wire transfer.

Partner status Silver Gold Platinum
Promo deposit price (USD) 300 1500 6000
Standard deposit price (USD) 1500 6000 15000