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The SSLGURU Black Package is an amazing service that comes with each SSL purchase, and oh yeah did we mention it was Free! We love SSL but without the correct configuration and management security issues can become very problematic. With the Black Package you not only get Expert Support but the peace of mind in knowing that your certificate is managed and configured correctly according to SSL Best Practices. Below is a more in depth look into what the Black Packages offers.

24 hour support

SSLGURU is dedicated to providing our customers the best possible customer service experience. With 24 hour support you can always count on us to assist you with any problems that may occur during the term of your SSL certificate. Phone support is offered Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm PST. If you’re having technical trouble outside our normal business hours, don’t worry, we have support staff available 24/7 via Support Ticket or e-mail at

SSL Consultation and Installation

Not sure what kind of SSL validation you need, what about certificate type? Don’t worry SSLGURU is here to help! Before you purchase or renew your existing certificate, contact us and we will walk you through a needs based analysis so you find the perfect SSL solution for your website. Once you have decided on a certificate we will walk you through the CSR, DCV and Installation to make sure that the whole process is done correctly in a simple and efficient manner.

SSL WebMonitor

Not sure if your Hosting Company or Website Server is using the most up-to-date protocols? SSLGURU has you covered.l With SSL WebMonitor you will know exactly what is working properly and what needs to be updated. Unfortunately you can’t control the decisions of your Host Company, but knowledge is power and if you don’t like what they’re doing we will pay for you to be converted to a more updated and trusted Hosting company.

Automated Renewals

Here at SSLGURU we understand that your SSL subscription term may not be a top priority. With Automated renewals you can forget about a certificate lapse. Starting 90 days before your certificate expires our system will begin to notify you about the upcoming expiration date so your customers will never see the dreaded “Expired Certificate Warning” in their browser. We also understand how your network infrastructure can change over time which is why we promise (unlike many other hosting companies) to never charge you for a certificate you no longer need.

Dedicated Account and IT specialist

Tired of calling other countries for Billing and IT support? We are too. With a SSLGURU dedicated Account and IT Specialist we promise that your questions will be answered in a professional and timely manner from someone you trust. Have you purchased a certificate on our site without the help of a GURU? No problem, simply contact us and we will assign your account to one of our professionals and even set up a meeting time to review your account information.